Born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Christine Polz is working as a fashion and beauty photographer in Munich and – as often as possible – in the mountains around her hometown.

She’s drawn to nature and polaroid and analog photography – something often showing in her choice of color editing. Her style is characterised by soft lighting, an often painterly, moody look and a perfecting but very natural skin retouching.

Besides her passion for fashion and beauty photography she takes every opportunity to travel, to capture her adventures and write about them.

PUBLICATIONS&CLIENTS: Und Gretel, Erlich Textil, Tourismusverband Pillersee Tal, Bergwelten, Junglück, (Tourist Association Slovenia), Circe Cover Story, Vogue Online, div. (Theater-) Schauspieler (Ella-Maria Gollmer, Eva Patricia Kloswoski, Miriam Neubauer, Stefanie Steffen…), Fujifilm Instax, Bonny Fersch Lookbook, Saksia Diez, Tijn Eyewear, Portfolio Shoots for div. Agencies, Lookademy, Getty Images, Vogue Italia, Coco Malou, div. Online Magazines (Schön!, Lucy’s, VOOM…), Nadine Cendelin, Namami…

Christine Polz – Full-time fashion&beauty photographer, part-time blogger and sometimes traveler.